The firm and durable cabin

High strength plate ensures the firm and durable cabin. In addition, it specially crash barrier to implement multi-protection to the cabin.

Large door width

Adopt multi-panel cabin doors to reach the maximum door opening width, making it easy for handing large goods.


Frequency conversion freight elevator applies VVVF and speed regulative technology. It thus greatly reduces the elevators running power consumption and power supply capacity. Compared with the traditional AC-2 speed type elevator, it can save 30%-50% energy.

Highly accurate leveling

Leveling accuracy can be controlled within mm-level range.


More released big spaces

FUJIKNK elevator compact structural design can save space. It accords with attractive requirements from various buildings. Application of gearless traction machine saves energy and reduces consumption. It coincides with future elevator development trend.

According to market demands and with years of design and manufacturing experience, FUJI KNK Freight lift can cope with various severe environments and has become an ideal choice for factories, warehouses, malls, real estate centers and other places with its high sense of carrying responsibility and powerful carrying capacity.

According to high scale market demands of freight lift and with many years of lift production experience, FUJI KNK Freight lift are fully developed and highly competitive freight lift products. It not only adopts the design concept of sturdy and durable lift car but also properly integrates modern lift technology.