The characteristics of home elevator

  • No need off traditional machine room, without increasing any construction cost.
  • VVVF drive technology, appropriative micro-processing control.
  • The appropriative traction machine bracket is fixed on the guide rail. The building  will not be had any load.
  • Automatic special door operator, synchronous timing belt transmission, with CE certificate.

FUJI KNK creates home elevators, believing that every technological progress and innovative design originate from the inevitable human desire for care and convenience. Our goal is as simple as essential: Let you enjoy comfortable and safe mobility in your private space.

FUJI KNK home elevators have been specially designed for private family users. The living space is enhanced and the invaluable benefit of simple bridging of living spaces is provided. The individual benefits are various and also depend from different personal circumstances: Personal comfort, carrying goods and travel bags, pregnancy, illness, afflictions of elder persons and their safety.

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